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Participant in WardsWiki since before 2001

Received a GarminNüvi for Christmas

  • Have become enthused about possibility of integrating HyperArtifacts to include Geographic Coordinates.
    • Some Artifacts are already connected and/or associated with Coordinates
    • I am sure many others can be created to connect to, or associate with other points, actions, or other artifacts
    • While using it in the pedestrian mode, surprisingly it indicated my speed of walking to be about 2.2 mph. It doesn't work inside buildings however

I have continued my work on NysInfo NysWiki NysLte and NysArtifacts while expanding my ideas to include additional PersonalInformationApproaches:


Revisitation and Elaboration on ideas formerly exposed in this home page


Decision Simplification Techniques


  • "Our life is frittered away by detail . . . Simplify, simplify."
    • HenryDavidThoreau (1817-1862), American writer, transcendentalist. See transcendentalism.
  • "To write simply is as difficult as to be good."
    • WSomersetMaugham (1874-1965), English author and playwrite.
  • "In art, one does not aim for simplicity; one achieves it unintentionally as one gets closer to the real meaning of things."
    • ConstantinBrancusi (1876-1957), Romanian sculptor, in an exhibition catalogue for Wildenstein Galleries, NY, 1926. See sculpture.
  • "Simplicity is the deciding factor in the aesthetic equation."
    • RaymondLoewy (1896-1986), French-born American industrial designer.
  • "The urge toward simplification and order keeps us going and inspires us in the midst of chaos. Chaos is the beginning; simplicity is the end."
    • MauritsCorneliusEscher (1898-1972), Dutch graphic artist.


Personally Managed Information via PersonalWiki

  • Problems Encountered in Designing a PersonalInformationSystem
    • How does the user find desired information in the midst of the hundreds or thousands of documents which contain parts of what is desired?
    • Two kinds of decisions
      • What is pertinent
      • How reliable and accurate is the information

One method: UsingSearchEngines

  • Presently burden the user with an overwhelming task of interpreting the information which is presented in capsules out of which one is to determine whether further investigation will be profitable.


  • Personal information resides in grouping and clusters
    • Discovery of one important item or idea often leads to other helpful information in the same IdeaSpace


  • ScrollBlindness


  • CategorizationOfInformation is an ObviousSolution of how to enable users to better deal with InformationOverload.
  • Traditional approaches to categorization involving taxonomies.
  • These may prove to be too expensive, time-consuming and complex for most users.

LetsLookInto offered suggestions:

  • BuildingOfTaxonomies
  • Use Clusters of Artifacts
    • Just as SuperComputers use Clustering to allow ParallelComputation, the formulation of InformationClusters can allow faster arrival at a targeted AtomOfInformation.


  • It is important that Information be Classified Consistently and Accurately
    • ContextualCategorization
    • ExternalCategorization
    • TaxonomyGeneration


  • Remove the necessity of relying on manual processing of information
    • Overcome the predicamentOfExponentialGrowth of UnstructuredData

Importance of Autonomy


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