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It is evident that formulating clear objectives of what you would like to achieve is of the utmost importance.

the answers we find, and the understanding we develop, are shaped by the questions we ask.

there are fundamental structures which act across all branches of science. And, if one learns the structures, when transferring from one discipline to another, much of the learning could be transferred. When studying a new discipline one would simply have to learn the labels on the structures in the new discipline.

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Observation20060527 -- It is sad that some people who can contribute much can be disturbed and misdirected to concerns about what others may do to, or say about, what they contribute. The human reaction is to defend what is your own, even though in reality, nothing you post on a wiki is ever truly just yours alone, even if signed, since the wiki is open to all, including those who make changes which appear to have oppositional and contentious roots. Differences of opinion, character attacks, and contentions ensue, and the original intention to be helpful and contributive lose out. It is best to refuse to contend and to be factual, making no direct or indirect statements which will contribute to, or perpetuate hostile commentary. -- OneDayOnly

So if you've written and signed something, you're then happy to let someone edit it to make you look bad, leave your signature on it, and you wouldn't do anything about it? Yes, when people act like that the original intention to be helpful and contributive do lose out. However, I am not willing to leave my name on material that has been warped in a malicious manner. It's easy to take the high moral ground when you're not the subject of attack.


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