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A HomePage is a page a person sets up to describe themself and perhaps store links of personal interest, semi-private discussions on TalkPages or (WikiMailBoxes), etc. WikiSocialNorms for HomePage

Editing in another person's WikiHomePage needs to be done with extra care and respect for the DialoguePractices being supported by that person. The viewpoint of the HomePageOwner takes precedence unless it violates HigherPrinciplesOfWardsWiki.

Some of the other suggestions for HomePage edit behavior by third parties include:

   try not to conduct a dialogue in a different person's HomePage

When editing pages, be careful not to put CategoryHomePage on pages written about a person. Use instead, if necessary, CategoryPerson, CategoryAuthor etc.


   Q: Why does my HomePage have the CategoryHomePage on it?
   A: If a reference to this page appeared on your WikiHomePage while you weren't looking, it was probably the work of a WikiGnome. They like to keep things tidy.
   Q: How can I protect my HomePage against unfriendly edits?
   A: Adding "No unfriendly editing of this page, please" to the page might work.
   Q: What if I get this response to clicking on the title in order to see all pages of this category: No search word given (or HTTP_REFERER blocked).?
   A: Check the settings of any firewall or proxy used if HttpReferer is blocked (else try a different browser).
   Q: Many firewalls don't allow HttpReferer, is there a way to access the page anyway?
   A: See explanation at FullSearch. Some browsers (probably not Netscape or Mozilla) will accept the following BookMarklet:
       javascript:location.href='http ://c2.com/cgi/fullSearch?search='+document.title.replace(/ /g,);
   Q: WantedWikiPages? http://c2.com/cgi/wantedWikiPages?n=6 says that there are 14 instances of c2.CategoryHomepage, but search for it returns the same number of pages (4411 as of 20071119) as a search for CategoryHomePage. How is a WikiGnome to search out and repair those?
   A: Looks like one must go through each and every HomePage, one at a time... sad to say. :( 


October 18, 2014